Makeup & Hair Expert, Pro Hype Woman & Compliment Fairy, Your New BFF

As a nurse in Labor & Delivery, one of my favorite things is how empowered women are after seeing what they can do while giving birth; its amazing what a woman's body is capable of. I love that I get to be apart of the best, yet hardest day in woman's' life, it is so empowering to see. Being a woman in today's world is not easy so we all deserve a little me time, which is exactly what I hope to accomplish with you here at Bombshell Studios.

I have always had a passion for hair and makeup. It is another way to help people feel like an extra special version of themselves. After having a few of my own photos done, I was amazed at how confident I was after looking at pictures of my own body. With my love of hair and makeup and my partner Amanda's passion for photography, why not spread the love. Be YOU, be BEAUTIFUL and show people the BOMBSHELL that you really are.


Photo Expert, Pro Get-Your-Best-Angles with All The Hair Flips, Your New Dance Partner 

Nurse by trade, photographer by passion.  I went into nursing to help others, make their worst days a little brighter.  Started my nursing journey in the women's health field, and continue there today.  I am amazed by what a woman's body can endure. I have seen so many women create a human, give birth, produce food for their babies, and so much more.  It truly is a miracle, one that is not celebrated enough.  I want every woman to feel self love, empowerment, confidence and see how wonderful it is to be themselves.  

Our journey started by just hyping each other up on a drunken night, the way girlfriends do, right?!  So, one thing led to another, took some bomb-ass pics for my bff and of course she loved them, how could she not, she's gorgeous! But, she does not always see herself the way I do, one BOMBSHELL female, and these pictures helped her see that! We wanted to spread that feeling, that self love, that self confidence, make others feel like they can RUN THE WORLD.  

Every female is gorgeous, drop dead, beautiful, fine-ass, BOMBSHELL babes that deserves to be celebrated every.single.day.